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Sheffield Chinese New Year Celebration Show has been held at Sheffield City Hall every Spring Festival Since 2004. The show was initiated by Mr. Jerry Cheung, an overseas Chinese dedicated to promoting Chinese traditional culture in the UK.

自2004年起,每逢春节谢菲尔德市政演出厅都会上演一场大型歌舞春晚。这一晚会是由致力于在英国发扬中国传统文化的华侨张运来(Jerry Cheung)先生开创的。 每年这个时候市政演出厅都座无虚席,两千多名观众齐聚一堂共同庆祝春节。这其中不仅有在英国定居的华人华侨,还有很多在英国学习的中国留学生,更有一大半的观众当地地喜爱中国文化的英国人。作为谢菲尔德每年最大型的跨文化活动,晚会长期以来一直得到了谢菲尔德政府和中国驻英使馆领馆的大力支持。每年谢菲尔德的市长、政府领袖、女王代表、使馆领馆代表等都会出席并致辞。 2020年华人春晚将于2020年1月27日如期举行。在正式演出前,嘉宾们将在副厅先体验中国美食,欣赏传统的书法国画,观看暖场节目,融入到春节热闹的气氛中。之后大家讲入座主演出厅观看近两个小时的歌舞杂技盛宴。希望张运来先生开创的春晚传统能够一直传承下去,将中国文化发扬光大。


founder of sheffield chinese new year celebration

Mr. Jerry Cheung

Every year over 2000 audience gather at City Hall to celebrate this great festival and enjoy the marvellous performances. There are not only overseas Chinese who have settled within the UK, but also many Chinese students studying here. Even more than half of the audience are local British who are interested in Chinese culture. As the largest multi-cultural event in Sheffield, this event has always been strongly supported by the Sheffield government, the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate. Every year, Sheffield’s Lord Mayor, Council Leaders, Lord-Lieutenant, representatives from the Chinese Embassy and Consulate will attend the event and give speeches. 

The 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration Show will be held on 27th January. Pre-event starts at 4:30 pm in the Ball Room where guests can try traditional Chinese food, calligraphy and painting, watch warm-up performance, experience the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. The main show follows in the main theatre at 7:00 pm. This show provide the chance for oversea Chinese to celebrate their New Year, at the same time promotes Chinese Culture in the region. We hope Sheffield will continue celebrating this event that Mr. Jerry Cheung started many years ago.



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27 jan 2019

4:30pm - 6:45pm

Ball room pre-show

27 jan 2019

7:00pm - 8:45pm

Main hall performance

chinese main stage

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